Tech Talks "The Drivers of Change
Wednesday, June 8th, 10:00 am - 02:00 pm

Speakers will present the latest innovations in Communication, Electrical Ancillary Services, Digital Transformation, and other topics driving the EV charge. The Drivers of Change theme featured speakers will address a crowd of key staff members, manufacturers and stakeholders that are looking to increase production, decrease costs and help to achieve the Zero Emission goals and change in the mining sector. 

Location Live: McIntyre Ballroom

Streaming Online
Below you will find short summaries of the topics of each speaker. If you would like to participate (asking questions and getting reminders, and be part of the door prize) be sure to register/login. Click on each overview button to access the conference speaker.

Wednesday June 8th
June 8th - 10:00 am
Making the SHIFT for a Sustainable Future
McIntyre Ballroom
Speaker: Dan Gauthier Business Line Manager
Company: Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions
Sandvik’s digital focus provides insights to manage customers operations from waste mgt, operator drilling practices, maintenance issues with machinery plus cost of monitoring & management.
June 8th 10:40 am
Launch of Eye Screener for Mining
McIntyre Ballroom
Speaker: Dr. Réjean Munger CEO & Founder
Company: Ocular Mobile
Find out about rapid, on the spot safety screening that could prevent costly and dangerous workplace incidents. Presentations includes demonstrations.
June 8th 11:20 am
Applications for monorail haulage.
McIntyre Ballroom
Speaker: Stephen Skjonsby V.P. Development
Company: RIINO Inc.
Riino Inc is a Sudbury based firm engaged in developing an implementing a zero emission monorail system that we feel will revolutionize ore haulage.
June 8th 12:00 pm
CyberCatch Canada
McIntyre Ballroom
Speaker: Kevin Vincent Sales Director Canada
Company: CyberCatch
CyberCatch is a unique cybersecurity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that protects small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from cyberattacks by focusing on the root cause of why SMBs fall...
June 8th 12:40 pm
How and why to fly
McIntyre Ballrom
Speaker: Joey Detoro - AltoHelix Coleton Madge - CartoCanada
Company: Carto Canada Inc.
Two talks: (1) AltoHelix, will be conducting a talk on UAV/RPAS operation and regulations. (2) Exploring the world of mobile LiDAR and practical use cases
June 8th 1:20 pm
Innovative Access Solutions
McIntyre Ballroom
Speaker: Charles Proulx
Company: Paradox Access Solutions
Learn about the innovative construction solutions effectively utilized in design and construction all season access roads through real world case studies and project examples.
June 8th 2:00 pm
Case study: Automating audience identification
McIntyre Ballroom
Speaker: Rory Dredhart- V.P. -ClearSky Software
Company: Canadian Trade Ex
Introducing our automated audience sourcing tool that we are adding to our media assets. Talk will focus on our results and its implications to the mining sector.