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NSS Canada Back F (Arena 2)
NSS Canada provides reliable, accurate and innovative survey equipment solutions. As a Leica Geosystems and Hexagon Mining Authorized Reseller, we specialize in engineering, construction, and mining solutions.

NT Camps R1-08 (Arena 2)
NT CAMPS offers to forestry, mining and civil engineering industries comprehensive and turnkey housing solutions for workers, from setup to dismantling, including meal services, monitoring and maintenance throughout northeastern Canada.

OK Tire R4-01 (Arena 2)
We carry an extensive supply of Off the Road tires to fit all applications from large mining operations, civil engineering, loader, dozer, grader, and for forestry vehicles. Our great customer service has been the key to our success. Our reputation has been built one satisfied customer at a time for over 40 years. Awarded OK Tire Store of the Year - Central Region in 1998 and National Store of the Year 2002. We look forward to helping you with your automotive maintenance, service and tire needs to keep your fleet in safe working order.

Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario R7-03 (Arena 2)
A Leader in Heavy Equipment and Crane Operator Training   ​The Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario (OETIO) is a progressive organization dedicated to the provision of quality training consistent with evolving industry needs and government standards in order to ensure a safe, efficient and effective construction industry.

Orbit Garant Drilling Services R6-05 (Arena 1)
Orbit Garant provides services to major, intermediate and junior mining companies, through each stage of mining exploration, development and production. The Company also provides geotechnical drilling services to mining or mineral exploration companies, engineering and environmental consultant firms, and government agencies.

Proax Technologies Ltd. R8-04 (Arena 2)

Process and Steam Specialties R3-04, 05 (Arena 2)

Procon Canada East Ltd. R6-09 (Arena 2)
The Underground Mining Partner of Choice.  Offering best-in-class solutions for building and operating the world’s most challenging underground mining projects.

PROVIX Inc. R5-10,11 (Arena 1)
PROVIX is Canada’s leading supplier of equipment and vehicle safety camera systems and lighting to the Mining industry. PROVIX enhances vision through the deployment of technologically advanced camera systems and third generation LED lighting. Custom Camera systems and equipment lighting that can include remote viewing capability, wireless recording, thermal vision, programmed and triggered event monitoring, infrared night vision and safer, more productive operations in any mine, pit or quarry.

Rastall Mining Supply Ltd. R1-09 (Arena 2)
Rastall Mine Supply, Rastall Tool Corp, and Rastall Nut & Bolt Co. A Leading Supplier for Mining, Forestry, Pulp & Paper, Auto, Steel and Construction for over 40 years.

RAW Group Inc. R5-02 (Arena 1)

RCT R8-07 (Arena 2)

Richwood R4-13 (Arena 1)
Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. For over 40 years the busiest mines in the world have put their confidence in our problem solving expertise.

Rock-Tech O-19 (Outdoor)
Rock-Tech offers a comprehensive range of utility support vehicles, stationary rockbreaking systems and fuel/oil/grease storage and handling products. Engineered and designed to bring value to every part of your operation.

SafeSight Exploration Inc. R8-01 (Arena 2)
Innovation Lives Here! At SafeSight we encourage out-of-the-box thinking to create safer sites and enable digital transformations. We have applied the latest technology in LiDAR, Drone and HD Video to transform mining and create safer more effective delivery. Our solutions provide information that enables better decision making in the drift and in the boardroom.

Sandale R6-11 (Arena 2)
Sandale is the Nation’s leader in HDPE piping supply and fusion equipment. Sandale has the capability of assisting with HDPE system design, fusion training or services, and project estimating and supply.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions Front 06 (Arena 1)
Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a global leading supplier of equipment and tools, parts, service, digital solutions and sustainability-driving technologies for the mining and construction industries. Application areas include rock drilling, rock cutting, loading and hauling, tunneling and quarrying.

Savage Equipment Leasing O-04, 05 (Outside)

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