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Rad East Torque Systems O-33A (Outdoor)
Rad Torque Systems is the leading Canadian manufacturer of extreme torque equipment, which includes pneumatic, battery, electronic pistol grip torque wrenches. Proudly supporting Canadian mining for over 25 years

Rastall Mining Supply Ltd. R1-09 (Arena 2)
Rastall Mine Supply, Rastall Tool Corp, and Rastall Nut & Bolt Co. A Leading Supplier for Mining, Forestry, Pulp & Paper, Auto, Steel and Construction for over 40 years.

RAW Group Inc. R5-02 (Arena 1)
RAW Group is a CCAB Certified First Nations Corporation operating out of the Greater Sudbury Area with our headquarters located in Atikameksheng Anishinabek. We are a General Contractor specializing in; Electrical, Pre-Engineered Buildings, HVAC Maintenance Concrete, and Civil Works. RAW Group is a medium to large scope contractor competing primarily in the Industrial sectors with an operating range that spans Northern Ontario and beyond.

RCT R8-07 (Arena 2)
RCT offers world-leading interoperable machine solutions to reduce operational costs and improve bottom-line profit, advancing businesses by integrating its Automation, Protection, Data and Information systems designed for any machine.

Real Time Networks Inc. P-19 (Pavilion)
For more than 30 years, Real Time Networks has helped organizations secure and manage keys and critical assets. Our KeyTracer secure key cabinets and AssetTracer smart lockers are developed by in-house experts and backed by unrivalled customer service and end-to-end support.

Richwood R4-13 (Arena 1)
Richwood designs innovative solutions for the worldwide bulk material handling industry. For over 40 years the busiest mines in the world have put their confidence in our problem solving expertise.

Rock-Tech O-19 (Outdoor)
Rock-Tech offers a comprehensive range of utility support vehicles, stationary rockbreaking systems and fuel/oil/grease storage and handling products. Engineered and designed to bring value to every part of your operation.

Rocky Mining Consultants Inc. Upper Deck 01 (Arena 2)
Rocky Mining Consultants Inc was incorporated in Ontario Canada in 2018. It is an independent and extensively experienced consulting practice that provides specialized rock mechanics and mining consulting services to the mining engineering in Canada, USA and across the world.

Rugged Geomatics Front 07 (Arena 2)
Ontario and Canada Lands Surveyors servicing the mining, electrical transmission, municipal surveying sectors and First Nation Land Claim agreements in northern Ontario and Nunavut with offices in Timmins and Kenora.

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