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Panasonic Canada Inc. T-03 (Outdoor)
Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops and handheld computers are part of a complete solution combining hardware, software and services for those that work in harsh conditions day in and day out. Designed to help solve real-business problems, our TOUGHBOOK devices are easy to use, deploy quickly and put data directly into the hands of front-line workers, so they can stay connected and operate safely and productively.

Pass It On Undercoating Inc. T-07 (Outdoor)
FLUID FILM uses Lanolin in its product and it's an important component of a broad range of industrial applications; in the Middle Ages, knights' armor and tools were coated with a thin waxy film of lanolin, which conserved them through to modern times.

PCL Constructors Northern Ontario Inc. R4-06 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)
With established relationships in all trades and expertise in remote and Indigenous communities, PCL offers comprehensive construction services for mining and industrial projects, including civil, foundations, buildings, interior renovations, mine infrastructure, and below collar construction. Our team can support a wide variety of contract delivery methods and can undertake various projects across Northern Ontario.

Pepco Corp. R8-14 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)
Pepco Corp. is a wholesale, retail outlet representing and distributing over 900 product lines. Inventoried consumables have a major focus on mining, forestry, construction and sanitation supplies.

Peter Lucas Project Management Inc. R1-04 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)
Peter Lucas understands the unique challenges that come with finding the right professional resources to support your projects. Our team helps de-risk your resourcing needs by providing you with a skilled, trusted partner. Peter Lucas employees have helped deliver on some of the largest projects across Canada. With focus a focus on industrial sectors, we find the right person for the job, every time.

Plastruct Polyzone Inc. R3-09 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)
We custom design, fabricate, machine and install high quality, production-boosting liners to handle some of the toughest materials on the planet, from coal, fly ash and gypsum to cement, aggregate and other sticky, non-flowing bulk materials. We also offer custom fabrication & design and CNC machining capabilities.

Polycorp Ltd R1-12 (Arena 2)
Polycorp’s Mining Division specializes in the design, manufacture and after sales service and support and is a proven provider of total mill lining solutions across the globe. Proudly manufactured in Canada, Polycorp has supplied mill liner solutions for more than 400 grinding mills worldwide.

Porcupine Prospectors and Developers Association UD-11 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)
The PPDA (Porcupine Prospectors and Developers Association) is a lobby group representing the interests of mineral explorationists in the Porcupine District of Northeastern Ontario. We concern ourselves with local, provincial and national issues affecting our members.

Predictive Success Corporation P-32 (Pavilion)
Companies create a business strategy and determine what business results they want to achieve—but then they glaze over the critical “people” work that should be happening in between. They fail to intentionally, consistently, and strategically design high-performing teams and company culture. They fail to manage people in a way that pushes them to be their best. That's where talent optimization comes in. Talent optimization is a discipline that helps leaders close the talent gap and solve their business problems once and for all. While talent optimization is a solution for everyday business challenges, it is exceptionally helpful in times of uncertainty. Talent optimization is a four-part discipline (Hire, Inspire, Diagnose & Design) that details what’s required for aligning your business strategy and your talent strategy so you can achieve your desired business results. At the core of talent optimization is the collection, analysis, and application of people data. And it’s scalable and repeatable, so you can always stay ahead of the curve to stave off any issues that seem to be brewing. We teach leaders how to get the most out of their greatest asset - their people.

Premier Canadian Mint R4-06 (Arena 1)
PCM has produced minted products, coins and coin blanks around the world to Central Banks, Governments , Diplomats, Dignitaries and now to individual clients. Our minted products are of the highest quality, reflective of our sophisticated clients who’s demands for uniqueness and perfection is paramount.

Proax Technologies Ltd. R8-04 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)
Serving Canada for over 60 years, Proax Technologies is a leading Technical Automation Distributor, offering innovative solutions in the Automation & Robotics, Mechanical Solutions, Motion Control, Machine Safety, Industrial Controls and Pneumatics industries. We support clients through preferred in-house technical solutions and are proud to represent world class manufacturers in the industrial automation field, allowing us to offer customers the best possible products and solutions.

Process and Steam Specialties R3-05 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck), R3-06 (Arena 2 and Upper Deck)
Process and Steam Specialties is located in Sudbury Ontario with branches all across Canada. Specialists on Industrial/mining process equipment – PUMPS, VALVES, MAGNETIC SEPARATION, AGITATORS and more..

PROVIX Inc. R5-10 (Arena 1), R5-11 (Arena 1)
PROVIX enhances safety through the deployment of technologically advanced cameras and remote operation systems. Systems include IP/network viewable, remote viewing, wireless recording, mine automation, triggered event monitoring, night vision to allow for safer, more productive operations.

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