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Newmont Porcupine R2-14, 15 (Arena 1)
We’re reinvigorating the Porcupine district through investment and rehabilitation. It’s an important part in our plan to increase our production, grow our reserves, and reduce our costs.

Nexans Canada Inc. R5-03 (Arena 2)
Since the electrification of mines, our core business has been powering mining operations. Surface or Underground – Nexans has a cable productivity solution for you. As the leading producer of mining cables in North America, Nexans delivers outstanding value, customer service and engineering support.

NexGen Equipment Technology O-37 (Outdoor)
NexGen Equipment Technology is a heavy equipment repair and rebuild shop catering mainly, but not restricted to, the underground mining industry. We can customize, upgrade or redesign virtually any piece of mobile heavy equipment.

Niiwin G.P. Inc. P-09 (Pavilion)
Since its inception in 2014, Niiwin has grown into a fully functioning Mining Services Contractor. Our initial Resources Development Agreement with Goldcorp has allowed us to provide full time employment to First Nations Community Members and non-Community Members, as well as training opportunities to increase employability to all. Niiwin has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in a short period of time, becoming Goldcorp’s third largest contractor, providing services in 2017. WE look forward to expanding our services to other Mining Companies in the Timmins area, and are actively pursuing those opportunities.

NORCAT R3-08 (Arena 1)
NORCAT is a leading, non-profit organization that provides instructor-lead, e-Learning and equipment simulation training for the mining industry to reduce injuries, save lives, and enhance productivity in the workplace.

Normet Canada O-26 (Outdoor)
Normet is an industry-leading technology company offering continuous improvement to underground mining and tunneling processes for increased safety, productivity and profitability. For more information please visit our website.

Northern College R3-14, 15 (Arena 1)
We provide research and development services to generate innovative technologies that enhance industry competitiveness while serving as an experiential learning opportunity for our students.

Northern Light Technologies R1-06 (Arena 2)
Northern Light Technologies (NLT) designs and manufactures underground lighting and communications solutions for the mining and tunneling industries with manufacturing and assembly locations in Canada, Australia and Chile. NLT has developed Smart cap lamps with the flexibility to integrate emerging technologies. NLT provides quality, consistency, and innovation to ensure that mines everywhere can operate at peak productivity while ensuring worker safety.

Northstream Safety and Rehab R2-01 (Arena 2)
At NorthStream Safety & Rehab, we know that now, more than ever, you want to keep your workers safe and healthy.    Let us help you build that safe workforce through training and testing programs designed specifically for your company. At NorthStream Safety & Rehab, we value a proactive approach to Health & Safety.

NSS Canada Back F (Arena 2)
NSS Canada provides reliable, accurate and innovative survey equipment solutions. As a Leica Geosystems and Hexagon Mining Authorized Reseller, we specialize in engineering, construction, and mining solutions.

NT Camps R1-08 (Arena 2)
NT CAMPS offers to forestry, mining and civil engineering industries comprehensive and turnkey housing solutions for workers, from setup to dismantling, including meal services, monitoring and maintenance throughout northeastern Canada.

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